Monster Legends: Ultimate Currencies Guide!

25 Sep

Lots of battle games are out there in recent times due to its fame around the world, and Monster Legends is one of them. The game becomes more trendiest in multilayer battle games as it includes lots of exciting tasks, rewards, challenges, features, and objectives. 

Playing the game smoothly on Android and iOS devices help users to enjoy more also reduce daily life stress. For progressing in the game faster, users need to perform every task entirely besides need to purchase more items. Buying more upgrades, items, skills, powers, eggs help players to become the greatest player ever.

But for all these things, you need to buy in-game currencies named Gold, Food, and Gems.  These are the three main currencies of the game that help players a lot.

  • Gold

Gold is considered as the primary currency of the game, which can be used to purchase needy stuff or essential items. Also, it can be used to buy weapons, skills, and powers of the military.

  • Gems

Gems are considered as the premium currency of the game that helps users to purchase expensive as well as superior items. Maintaining this currency in the right amount permits you to buy powerful upgrades and ages of monsters.

  • Food

Every player is suggested to earn this currency more and more as it helps them to enhance the power of the military. They need to feed the food to the army, monsters for growth purpose besides for winning goal. Grabbing more gold and gems allows you to buy food easily without getting stressed or tensed.

Ways to earn in-game currencies

There are many ways available in the game that allows gamers to make these currencies. For example-

•    Unlock achievements

•    Collect daily rewards

•    Earn Exp’s

•    Winning battles

•    Raids

•    Completing missions

So, try to maintain the currency in more massive amount all the times, which leads to progress faster like no one another can.

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