A Complete Currency Guide to Wordscapes: Mobile Game!

22 Oct

Wordscapes is a strategy-based word puzzle game made by PeopleFun for all Android and iOS devices. One can enjoy hundreds of different challenging levels and can enhance their knowledge at a higher level. 

If you love to play word puzzle games, then you should try Wordscapes once for experiencing one of the best versions. 

So many stunning features are added in the game which makes the game more exciting as compared to other games.

To play the game smoothly, one needs to earn coins (the primary currency of the game) more. Without receiving this, one cannot do progress in the game faster as in challenging levels coins helps a lot. If you don’t know how to earn coins in more massive amount; pay attention to mentioned content.

Daily puzzles 

As we discuss, lots of word puzzles are added in the game; players need to play all of them. But it is suggested that all users don’t forget to run daily problems which offer a specific amount of coins. 

Passing each level provides a large number of coins without wasting more efforts, time, and money.

Watch free ads

In case a player doesn’t have enough currency for passing hard levels, he/she can go for watching free ads. It offers substantial advantage to users when there is no other option available for earning coins. 

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Each time you get so many free ads to watch and to get more coins. The more you’ll watch ads the higher amount of coins you can earn correctly.

Message friends

Wow, a great feature is added in the game from which you can earn coins in a more massive amount at once. The option is called message friends. 

There is little person icon available on the left bottom corner for messaging friends to play the game. Well, it offers 300 coins after messaging someone to play the game.

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